What is DeepSquare

The DeepSquare project is building an interoperability layer allowing anyone to request professional grade compute resources anywhere in the world. This is the web used as it should be: borderless and actor agnostic, empowering professional cloud with a decentralised infrastructure. 

The ecosystem is made up of all the participants: developers, artists, token-holders, end-users, application and service providers. Based in Switzerland, DeepSquare is the viable decentralised, sustainable and affordable alternative to centralised big tech.


The DeepSquare project is a community led project, meaning that the community actively participates in streaming the decision making process with a system modelled on a community-owned smart contract protocol


To support innovation in Europe and beyond and to offer a true alternative to the hyperscalers by providing world class decentralised, responsible, sustainable and managed High-Performance Computing (HPC) as an Ecosystem.


Empowering the professional cloud with the DeepSquare decentralised interoperable heterogeneous network in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial way


Core Team

Diarmuid Daltun
Diarmuid Daltún
Head of Business Development & Founding Member
Global Leader Sales & Marketing, Software & Cloud, Sustainability Advocate, Entrepreneur
Sergio Giacoletto
Head of Strategy & Founding Member
Senior Leader International Sales and Services, Strategic Biz-Dev, Tech-Investor
Dr Florin Dzeladini
Blockchain Lead & Founding Member
Data Scientist, Blockchain Expert, Entrepreneur with focus on AI, Robotics and Distributed systems
Christophe Lillo
Lead HPC Architect & Founding Member
HPC Hardware Expert, Linux Guru, Crypto Expert
Frédéric Juillard
Head of Sustainability & Founding Member
Life Science Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur with focus on Sustainable Deep-Tech
Dr Berat Denizdurduran
Head of Technology & Founding Member
Neuroscientist, Supercomputing Expert, Data Scientist
Mark Bagnall
Head of Procurement and Planning & Founding Member
Tech-Leader Private Banking, Financial Services, Capital Markets, Advisor and Investor
Arnaud de La Chapelle
Institutional Sales and Fund-raising

External experts

Maja Kehic
Tech-savvy marketing professional
Daniela Re
International Senior Finance Executive with extensive corporate finance, capital markets experience
Charly Mancel
DeepSquare Portal Product Owner
Engineer, Blockchain Expert and Crypto Enthusiast
Mathieu Bour
Mathieu Bour
Lead Web3 Engineer
Senior Software Engineer, crypto and web3 enthusiast


Fernando Gutierrez
Investor in Alternative Assets, Former Board Member of Dash Core Team
Carolina Marçalo
Blockchain enthusiast, digital platforms and marketplaces lead Former Member of AppCoins Core Team
Dr Florent Rouxelin
Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Finance, College of Business at Florida International University
Pascale Chatelain
Global Strategy & Business advisor Partnering Alliances
Sebastian Savidan
Co-Founder and CEO at Alpine Intuition. AI expertise
Tuomo Pyykkonen
Expert in International Services Sales and Delivery and Business Development
Vasu Briquez
International Senior Executive Advisor

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