AI-powered platform for AI acceleration

As we hit a significant milestone, the DeepSquare platform is purposefully taking a measured approach to development. By doing so, we guarantee a comprehensive grasp and exceptional user utility across all aspects of our platform.

A primary focus of our proposal is the standardization of computation resource requests in the rapidly evolving landscape of supercomputing intensive applications. We recognize the importance of streamlining this process for users, and to address it, we have developed a new standard for workflow files. This innovation empowers users to conveniently package their applications, as well as the necessary resources and desired characteristics.

Presently, users have the ability to develop their workflow files directly on the DeepSquare (DS) portal. It is crucial to highlight that when utilizing prebuilt applications such as Blender, the underlying mechanism revolves around launching the workflow files. By granting users access to these files, they can achieve identical results and further enhance their applications accordingly. This significant advancement opens up immense possibilities for developers to create AI-powered applications utilizing the DeepSquare grid.

On the infrastructure front, we are currently focused on expanding the DeepSquare grid. This expansion involves engaging with potential grid partners to discuss the level of support they provide to the applications currently running on our portal. Notably, we explore how these partners effectively manage compute resources utilizing ClusterFactory, an open-source Kubernetes-based infrastructure orchestrator. ClusterFactory automates the process of deploying, managing, and monitoring compute-optimized clusters, spanning from bare metal servers to virtual machines (VMs) and containers. It seamlessly combines leading solutions from the HPC, Cloud, and DevOps industries, enabling users to manage clusters declaratively while adhering to the GitOps practice. Furthermore, our partnership with these grid providers facilitates the resale of resources on the DeepSquare platform.

This amalgamation of streamlined resource management, advanced workflow file standards, and infrastructure expansion with ClusterFactory marks an exciting progression for DeepSquare. We are dedicated to empowering users to build and deploy cutting-edge AI-powered applications, while also providing efficient resource utilization through our growing grid network.


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