Partnership Announcement

DeepSquare and Look AI Ventures Forge a Powerful Partnership for AI Innovation

We are delighted to announce a powerful partnership between DeepSquare, a pioneer in distributed high-performance computing (HPC), and Look AI Ventures, the first AI-focused investment fund in the Czech Republic, based in the beautiful city of Prague. This exciting collaboration aims to leverage the unique strengths of both organizations to supercharge innovation in AI technologies and solutions.

As a technology provider and mentorship knowledge hub with a passion for innovation, DeepSquare is wholeheartedly committed to supporting Look AI Ventures in their mission to nurture the growth of AI startups in their ecosystem. We are thrilled (and a tad proud) to share that we have already organized two AI workshops for 12 brilliant teams within the AISI ecosystem. We’re all geared up for an ongoing commitment to support Look AI Ventures through mentorship and cutting-edge technology.

Through this partnership, both DeepSquare and Look AI Ventures will benefit from shared expertise, resources, and a mutual passion for advancing the field of AI. By combining DeepSquare’s state-of-the-art platform and Look AI Ventures’s innovative approach to nurturing AI startups, we will create a synergy that fosters growth, progress, and success in the AI landscape.

Together, we’re set to make a significant impact on the industry and help AI startups soar to new heights in innovation, efficiency, and success.

About DeepSquare

DeepSquare has built a platform as a service (PaaS) to help to aggregate distributed High Performance Computing (HPC) resources into a meta-supercomputer. This platform is designed to simplify access to HPC resources, without having to waste time optimising and managing the underlying hardware. DeepSquare is designed with energy efficiency and minimal carbon footprint in mind.

About Look AI Ventures

Look AI Ventures (LAIV) is the first investment fund in the Czech Republic focusing exclusively on early-stage AI startups. Based in Prague since 2022, LAIV is built on the foundation of AI Startup Incubator (AISI). LAIV investments are backed by AISI’s demonstrated data-driven expertise, capabilities, and network, with a goal to nurture the AI ecosystem by supporting the most disruptive early-stage AI startups addressing major markets with AI-driven solutions at their core.

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