Partnership Announcement: DeepSquare & social media analytics company CulturePulse

We are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership between DeepSquare and CulturePulse, two pioneers in their respective fields. This collaboration will combine DeepSquare’s expertise in high performance cloud computing and CulturePulse’s mastery of social media analytics and prediction of message perception against the targeted audience beliefs and values, to deliver groundbreaking solutions for businesses across diverse industries.

CulturePulse, which is 100x more efficient than IBM Watson and predicts market psychology  with clinical accuracy, will use DeepSquare’s dev environment to prototype and build their future systems. By combining our strengths, we aim to provide innovative AI solutions that enable businesses to capitalize on cultural trends, drive customer engagement, and optimize their operations. Our teams will work together in R&D context, as CulturePulse can provide valuable insights and feedback that will help DeepSquare to further optimize our solution.

We believe that this partnership will revolutionize the way businesses harness the power of AI to drive success and adapt to a rapidly changing world. By bringing together our complementary skillsets, we will be better equipped to empower organizations to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

About DeepSquare

DeepSquare is building an AI-powered platform for AI acceleration so AI developers can build, train and run their applications on global supercomputers effortlessly. With DeepSquare, the complex infrastructure is handled for you. Tap into the DeepSquare Grid, an interoperable network of decentralized supercomputers, for seamless execution of compute-intensive workloads. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in and unleash the power to develop, build, and scale applications with unprecedented freedom. Experience intelligent job scheduling, container compatibility, and Web3 technology for transparency, availability, and global scalability. 

About CulturePulse

CulturePulse uses a proprietary AI system to provide key insights about populations based on over 90 categories of social and psychological life (sentiment, personality, morality, etc). CulturePulse’s AI system can be plugged into data streams from APIs or accept raw text data from any source, and functions in 70 languages. CluturePulse helps clients go beyond behaviour analysis and predict what drives their customers and stakeholders. 


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