What Is DeepSquare?

DeepSquare is a decentralised sustainable, High-Performance Computing Ecosystem using blockchain technology to provide world-class performance and transparency.

The ecosystem is made up of all the participants: developers, artists, token-holders, end-users, application and service providers. Based in Switzerland, DeepSquare is the viable decentralised, sustainable and affordable alternative to centralised big tech.

What do we do?

High Performance Computing (HPC) – also often referred to as supercomputing – is the ability to process large amounts of data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. HPC is used in almost every vertical and across the fields of Artificial Intelligence, rendering, robotics, gaming, the cloud industry, metaverse and weather forecasting. The compute power delivered by HPC clusters far exceeds that provided by a regular home computer and allows us to process the big data required to build the AI models used in machine learning and deep learning. With the rise of AI and IOT, the High-Performance Computing Market size is projected to reach over $55 Million by 2030a CAGR of 7% until 2030. DeepSquare’s goal is to remain at the forefront of innovation in supercomputing while also making the most sustainable option be the obvious choice.

How do we do it?

DeepSquare brings an alternative to the HPC market status quo by turning everything on its head. Hyperscalers rely on closed, centralised systems, while DeepSquare operates in a decentralised and open network centred around a blockchain compute protocol. We promote transparency to avoid hidden costs that cannot be directly attributed to particular workloads and provide the tools that our users need to be at the forefront of innovation. 

The DeepSquare Grid is a decentralised network of participating High-Performance Computing clusters. Using the latest technology in the sector, these clusters deliver sustainable, cost-competitive compute resources as a service that are strategically located for geographic and environmental efficiency – our clusters are ~30-40% more efficient than current alternative clusters. They are designed to run in a liquid heat-transfer environment known as Immersion Cooling. This technology allows us to reuse the otherwise wasted heat produced by the computing process and turn it into a valuable resource. Through the use of immersion cooling, we are already contributing to the heating system of an entire city with our cluster located at the HES – EPFL Institute campus in the Energypolis building in Sion.

DeepSquare to the Moon!

Building on crypto and blockchain, DeepSquare incentivizes community participation and delivers speed, security and transparency. This model creates a dynamic ecosystem where its members are encouraged to participate on their terms, helping to grow the community.

DeepSquare has a two token model: DPS (the DeepSquare token) and SQUARE token. DPS is the investment/asset token featuring staking and voting rights. SQUARE is the utility token to pay for compute-resources, applications and services within the ecosystem. The conversion from DPS to SQUARE and from SQUARE to DPS is always one to one.

How to Join DeepSquare

DeepSquare has raised ~$3 million to date in an ongoing private sale and has already developed the core cluster management platform and an expanding software library. Whether you are a visionary data scientist training deep learning models, an artist or producer creating complex works of art, a university or hosting provider with HPC compute capacity, you join on your terms.

To join our community, reach out  to us directly on Telegram and we will guide you every step of the way! 

Author: Guillermo Iznaola

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