Workflows Made Easy: Simplifying AI Development with Accessible HPC


The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development often involves intricate workflows that demand significant computing power and resources. However, effectively navigating and managing these workflows can prove to be a daunting task for many developers and organizations. Fortunately, platforms like DeepSquare are revolutionizing the AI development process by offering accessible High-Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities. Through DeepSquare’s Portal, developers can effortlessly create and run custom workflows, simplifying the AI development process and fully harnessing the potential of HPC.

Creating and Running Custom Workflows

DeepSquare’s Portal provides developers with a user-friendly interface, facilitating the seamless creation and execution of custom workflows. Below, we’ll walk through the process of creating and running a workflow using the Dev application:

  1. Writing a Workflow File: The workflow file, formatted in JSON, defines resource allocation and execution instructions for tasks. By parsing this file, DeepSquare’s Dev application comprehends the workflow’s requirements. The workflow file includes crucial information about allocated resources, such as the number of tasks, GPUs, CPUs, and memory. It also explicitly specifies the steps to be executed within the workflow.
  1. Running a Workflow: Once the workflow file is ready, developers can log in to the DeepSquare portal and access the Dev application. In the Workflow Editor, they can either manually write the workflow JSON or paste it from an existing file. After constructing the workflow, they can initiate the execution process by clicking the “Submit” button. The Dev application automates the allocation of necessary resources and executes the workflow based on the provided specifications.
  1. Downloading Results and Reviewing Logs: Monitoring the job’s progress is made easy with the Job Status page in the Dev application. Here, developers can track the status of their workflow and ensure its successful execution. Additionally, real-time logs are readily available, providing valuable insights into the execution process. Once the job is completed, developers can access the results, logs, and other output files in the designated output storage.

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Simplifying AI Development with Accessible HPC

Our portal simplifies AI development by providing an intuitive platform for effortlessly creating, managing, and running custom workflows. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Accessibility: the portal makes HPC capabilities more accessible to developers and organizations of all sizes. By offering a user-friendly interface, it eliminates the need for specialized expertise in HPC. This empowers developers to focus on AI development without concerning themselves with the intricacies of setting up and managing complex computing resources.
  1. Efficiency and Scalability: the portal streamlines the workflow creation and execution process, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Developers can easily allocate the required resources and scale their workflows as needed. This scalability allows for the seamless handling of large-scale AI projects and computationally intensive tasks.
  1. Centralized Workflow Management: The portal provides a centralized platform for managing custom workflows. Developers can create, modify, and rerun workflows as required, facilitating iterative development and experimentation. This centralized approach simplifies version control, collaboration, and workflow tracking, making AI development more efficient and organized.


DeepSquare’s Portal is revolutionizing AI development by simplifying the process of creating and running custom workflows with accessible HPC capabilities. By providing a user-friendly interface, developers can harness the power of high-performance computing without the complexities traditionally associated with it. With DeepSquare, AI development becomes more efficient, scalable, and manageable, enabling developers and organizations to unlock the full potential of AI technology.

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