Cluster Update: New Software Applications!

Cluster update

Cluster Update: New Software Applications DeepSquare keeps reaching new milestones, and so does our hardware and software infrastructure. Our library already provides a good range of software applications that users can utilise to efficiently train their models, render and prototype their projects while remaining sustainable. We are constantly working on adding new applications and optimising […]

What Is DeepSquare?

What is DeepSquare?

What Is DeepSquare? DeepSquare is a decentralised sustainable, High-Performance Computing Ecosystem using blockchain technology to provide world-class performance and transparency. The ecosystem is made up of all the participants: developers, artists, token-holders, end-users, application and service providers. Based in Switzerland, DeepSquare is the viable decentralised, sustainable and affordable alternative to centralised big tech. What do […]

Machine Learning for Weather Modelling: Predicting the Climate with Supercomputing

Weather Modelling

Machine Learning for Weather Modelling: Predicting the Climate with Supercomputing Predicting the weather is one of humanities’ oldest pastimes and direct necessities. From shamans casting lots in caves to satellites circumnavigating the planet; we have become more sophisticated and far more knowledgeable. Weather forecasting has never been easier than it is today and for that, […]

Why Is DeepSquare Moving To Avalanche?

Avalanche logo

Why Is DeepSquare Moving To Avalanche? Those of you familiar with the Project already know that Ethereum was a temporary home for us and that we will shortly be migrating from Ethereum to Avalanche. Both Ethereum and Avalanche are decentralized, open-source blockchains with smart contract functionality but there are various differences between them that motivate […]