We are glad and proud to announce an engineering & strategic partnership with Crypto4All. For the past few months, engineering teams from both companies have been diligently collaborating to embark on a groundbreaking endeavor in the HPC industry. These efforts have resulted in the creation of the first tokenized index “GFL: Computational Power Index for […]

DeepSquare Announcement

We are thrilled to share that our Mondrian subnet has made significant strides on the Avalanche Network and is now the 6th busiest subnet on the platform. This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the relentless support from our fantastic community, and we extend our deepest gratitude to all who have contributed to […]

DeepSquare Joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

DeepSquare is excited to announce that we have become members of the Blockchain Game Alliance. The Blockchain Game Alliance is a association of companies and individuals committed to promoting blockchain technology within the gaming industry. By joining this alliance, DeepSquare aims to leverage our experience in blockchain and decentralized computing to contribute to the development […]

DeepSquare: The first and only meta-supercomputer on Avalanche

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the world, offering benefits such as transparency, traceability, immutability, decentralization, and distributed computing. However, with the growing concerns for environmental sustainability, businesses are looking for blockchain alternatives that are eco-friendly and can scale. This is where DeepSquare comes in – the first and only interoperable meta-supercomputer on Avalanche. DeepSquare is a […]

DeepSquare Takes Home Third Place at Avalanche Creates Pitch Day

DeepSquare, the first and only decentralized cloud computing platform building on Avalanche, was excited to participate in the recent Avalanche Creates event at Berkeley. This event provided an opportunity for the DeepSquare team to connect with other developers, researchers, and creators who are building innovative Web3 projects within the ecosystem. During the event, Diarmuid Daltún, […]

DeepSquare in Europe: Highlights from Lugano, Lisbon and Berlin 

As the year came to a close, DeepSquare had a whirlwind tour of Europe attending events and conferences that left us excited for the future of Web3. From Lugano to Lisbon and Berlin, we connected with like-minded individuals, showcased our Tokenized Cloud infrastructure. Ciao Lugano In October, DeepSquare attended the Lugano Plan ₿ Forum, an […]

Cluster Update: New Software Applications!

Cluster update

Cluster Update: New Software Applications DeepSquare keeps reaching new milestones, and so does our hardware and software infrastructure. Our library already provides a good range of software applications that users can utilise to efficiently train their models, render and prototype their projects while remaining sustainable. We are constantly working on adding new applications and optimising […]

What Is DeepSquare?

What is DeepSquare?

What Is DeepSquare? DeepSquare is a decentralised sustainable, High-Performance Computing Ecosystem using blockchain technology to provide world-class performance and transparency. The ecosystem is made up of all the participants: developers, artists, token-holders, end-users, application and service providers. Based in Switzerland, DeepSquare is the viable decentralised, sustainable and affordable alternative to centralised big tech. What do […]

Machine Learning for Weather Modelling: Predicting the Climate with Supercomputing

Weather Modelling

Machine Learning for Weather Modelling: Predicting the Climate with Supercomputing Predicting the weather is one of humanities’ oldest pastimes and direct necessities. From shamans casting lots in caves to satellites circumnavigating the planet; we have become more sophisticated and far more knowledgeable. Weather forecasting has never been easier than it is today and for that, […]

Why Is DeepSquare Moving To Avalanche?

Avalanche logo

Why Is DeepSquare Moving To Avalanche? Those of you familiar with the Project already know that Ethereum was a temporary home for us and that we will shortly be migrating from Ethereum to Avalanche. Both Ethereum and Avalanche are decentralized, open-source blockchains with smart contract functionality but there are various differences between them that motivate […]