We are glad and proud to announce an engineering & strategic partnership with Crypto4All.

For the past few months, engineering teams from both companies have been diligently collaborating to embark on a groundbreaking endeavor in the HPC industry. These efforts have resulted in the creation of the first tokenized index “GFL: Computational Power Index for HPC Workloads.” The results of these developments were published in the yellow paper, a comprehensive document, shedding light on the innovative approach that underlies this revolutionary index.

The core concept revolves around utilizing a non-tradable token called GFL as an on-chain index within the DeepSquare ecosystem. This index serves as a mechanism to reward DeepSquare grid partners who contribute their computational power to the distributed network. These partners are compensated with DPS payment tokens, effectively aligning their efforts with the growth and success of the network. By leveraging the GFL token as a means of incentivization, DeepSquare establishes a decentralized framework that rewards grid partners for their contributions to the computational power of the network.

 The management of two distinct tokens, GFL and DPS, serves to separate the utility and financial aspects within the network. GFL is fulfilling its role as an on-chain index and rewarding grid partners for their computational power contributions. On the other hand, DPS operates as a payment token, enabling transactions and facilitating the financial aspects within the network. This clear dissociation between the two tokens allows for a streamlined and efficient management of both the network’s functionality and its financial value, ensuring a robust and effective ecosystem for all participants involved.

 We have witnessed cases when a considerable valuation of utility tokens, primarily driven by investor interests, has diminished the appeal of numerous networks. This situation has adversely affected the interests of the users within these networks. The substantial focus on financial gains has led to a misalignment between the intended utility of the tokens and their actual value, potentially undermining the core purpose of these networks. DeepSquare recognizes this challenge and aims to address it by implementing a distinct approach. By dissociating the financial value from the utility token, DeepSquare seeks to mitigate the influence of investor interests on user-centric aspects, thereby fostering a more balanced and sustainable network environment.


Crypto4All is the leading Blockchain engineering service in France with more than 50+ clients. Established in 2015, their team has consistently provided a suite of services dedicated to the growth and advancement of blockchain technology products and services. Their proficiency stems from three fundamental domains: technical engineering and development, legal and financial scrutiny, and business expansion.

About DeepSquare:

With its blockchain-empowered platform, DeepSquare is transforming the landscape of High-Performance Computing. We’re introducing an era where HPC is not only easily accessible but also cost-effective. Participants in this ecosystem can utilize a wide variety of computing resources, craft their experience, and achieve peak returns. This is our farewell to infrastructure boundaries and our embrace of a future with decentralized HPC.

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