Primal Capital joins DeepSquare family

We’re thrilled to announce that Primal Capital is now a partner of DeepSquare, supporting us on our journey to bring a decentralized supercomputing ecosystem to life.

Primal Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in innovative blockchain projects that have the potential to drive significant impact in the industry. Their expertise in the blockchain space and experience in supporting successful startups make them an ideal partner for us.

At DeepSquare, we’re working to build a decentralized cloud computing system that leverages the power of blockchain technoloy to enable developers and businesses to access high-performance computing resources in a secure, cost-effective, and scalable manner. With Primal Capital’s support, we’re confident that we can achieve our vision and make a significant contribution to the development of Web3.

We’re excited to have Primal Capital as a partner and look forward to working together to achieve our shared goals. Together, we can bring the benefits of decentralized computing to a broader audience and drive the growth and development of the blockchain industry.
The team at DeepSquare Association is on a mission to build the first true collaborative compute cloud with a high-performance focus to unleash the power of AI and run the most demanding applications. They are creating a distributed and resilient grid to foster next generation technologies while ensuring maximum energy efficiency, both in hardware and software.   This interoperability layer allows anyone to request professional grade compute resources anywhere in the world. This is the web used as it should be: borderless and actor agnostic.   We are excited to be supporting DeepSquare Association as they strive to become the layer 0 for the interoperable cloud!

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