Accelerate your

Build your projects with ease on DeepSquare – the platform built by builders for builders. Say goodbye to hardware optimization and maintenance hassle.

DeepSquare Grid

DeepSquare Grid

A network of server clusters forming the pool of compute required to process users’ workloads. Or, as we love to call it, the meta-cluster.

DeepSquare Cluster Factory

DeepSquare Cluster Factory

An open-source Kubernetes-based infrastructure orchestrator that automates the process of deploying, managing and monitoring compute-optimized clusters from bare metal servers to VMs and containers.

DeepSquare Community

DeepSquare Community

Builders, developers, AI engineers, artists, blockchain enthusiasts, disruptors, innovators, and visionaries. Join us!

Ready to use Applications

Current Applications. More Available Soon!

Dev: Will come back shortly.

text to Image

Create an image based on given textual descriptions or captions. Supported models: Stable Diffusion v2.1 and Waifu Diffusion v1.4.

AI Upscaling

Upscaling with Real ESRGAN


Unity Render Streaming

Blender logo

Blender: 3D creation suite.


DeepSquare sustainability

The sustainability approach taken by DeepSquare is to provide a ready to use sustainable configuration, reducing the impact of compute resources to its minimum. DeepSquare looks to bring the latest technologies together to decrease electrical consumption through renewable sources and deliver supercomputer-strength processing power within reach of small businesses, researchers, and academic institutions for the first time.

We advocate Immersion Cooling, a practice of placing electronic equipment into a thermally conductive, and electronically resistive liquid that is 1,200 times more efficient than air at capturing heat. The heat captured through immersion cooling can be exchanged in a simple, but efficient liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. The heat then can directly be reused for heating purposes or industrial processes

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