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DeepSquare delivers cutting edge High Performance Computing services. 

Data scientists, AI engineers, metaverse builders, researchers, artists and physicists have everything they need to build the future in one place with the services offered by DeepSquare. Hardware is optimised and configured, so you don’t waste your time on side activities. 

DeepSquare Grid

DeepSquare Grid

The interoperability layer made of decentralised heterogeneous clusters of specialised compute-servers designed for supercomputing and general purpose workloads offering cloud computing solutions, operated and maintained by DeepSquare and like-minded third parties such as universities, research institutes and regional cloud providers.

DeepSquare Cluster Factory

DeepSquare Cluster Factory

A modular software stack allowing anyone to join the DeepSquare network in a plug-and-play manner becoming the keystone to allow external providers to resell spare compute resources to the DeepSquare grid.

DeepSquare Community

DeepSquare Community

All actors in the DeepSquare ecosystem: application & blockchain developers, token holders, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), service providers, all together promoting innovation and supporting the development of social and environmentally driven projects to improve the efficiency of the computing industry.   

DeepSquare Compute Protocol

DeepSquare Compute Protocol

Our own proof of stake blockchain (from ca. Q4 2022 on our own subnet on Avalanche) that regulates interaction in the ecosystem: enables clusters to join the DeepSquare Grid in a trustless manner. At the heart of the DeepSquare Compute Protocol is a new type of proof that we call Proof of compute which ensures that all parties play by the rules, promotes transparency by recording all transactions and matches the right workloads with the right clusters.

DeepSquare Marketplace

DeepSquare Marketplace

A catalogue of ready to use applications and services made available to all. The DeepSquare Marketplace is the first major visible product of the DeepSquare grid. The Marketplace is the place where ISV and service providers that develop apps can use the grid and sell them to third parties in the marketplace as cloud computing solutions.

Ready to use Applications

Current Applications. More Available Soon!

JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook. Interactive development environment for notebooks, code, and data.

Rstudio: Programming language for statistical computing and graphics.

Blender logo

Blender: 3D creation suite.

OpenFoam logo

OpenFoam: Software for computational fluid dynamics.

OpenSim logo

OpenSim: Tool for modelling and simulation of movement.

Ansys logo

Ansys: Engineering Simulation Software

Matlab logo

Matlab: A high-performance language for technical computing.


DeepSquare sustainability

The sustainability approach taken by DeepSquare is to provide a ready to use sustainable configuration, reducing the impact of compute resources to its minimum. DeepSquare looks to bring the latest technologies together to decrease electrical consumption through renewable sources and deliver supercomputer-strength processing power within reach of small businesses, researchers, and academic institutions for the first time.

We advocate Immersion Cooling, a practice of placing electronic equipment into a thermally conductive, and electronically resistive liquid that is 1,200 times more efficient than air at capturing heat. The heat captured through immersion cooling can be exchanged in a simple, but efficient liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. The heat then can directly be reused for heating purposes or industrial processes

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