DeepSquare: Text2Image, a second show-case to decentralised AI

Text2Image is another impressive example of the capabilities of the DeepSquare Platform. In this case all you need to do is write a simple prompt describing the image you want, and choose whether you want a more realistic or anime-style image. It’s that easy! If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the perfect time. Simply fill out this form to receive free credits and test our platform for yourself. Experience the full potential of DeepSquare Infrastructure and see what amazing creations you can bring to life.

Text2Image is an AI-based tool that allows users to generate images based on a textual description. Essentially, you input a text prompt, and the AI model will generate an image that corresponds to the description provided. This can be useful for a variety of applications, such as creating images for marketing materials, generating illustrations for books or articles, or even just for fun.

This show-case is based on a two  third party open-source models Stable Diffusion v2.1 and Waifu Diffusion v1.4. Thanks to the power of DeepSquare infrastructure, parallelization and scheduling, it works pretty well and fast. It is worth noting that Ai model training was not executed by DeepSquare. Our expertise lies in the seamless integration of these models with our infrastructure. All the transactions are recorded on blockchain, and iIf you’re interested in following the transactional activity, you can easily see all the transactions in real-time on our Deeptrace.

And let’s talk about our infrastructure for a minute, because that’s where DeepSquare really shines. As Lillo, our head of infrastructure, puts it, “What is really unique about DeepSquare is the fact that we are running a full HPC stack. Basically, DeepSquare can be seen as a decentralized web3 enabled supercomputer. That gives us quite a lot of unique features, like the ability to parallelize our workloads across multiple nodes so we scale horizontally in terms of compute power.” 

Although our Upscaling and Text2Image demo apps showcase some of our capabilities, they only scratch the surface of HPC features we have behind the scenes,. In fact, we offer a range of powerful features that set us apart from other solutions based on Kubernetes or other types of schedulers. For instance, we are Open MPI compatible, which allows us to handle scientific workloads with multiple nodes, sometimes even hundreds or thousands of nodes. This means that if you’re using an application like OpenFOAM, a popular tool for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations, our system can leverage both GPUs and MPI to process your job across any number of nodes. In other words, our infrastructure is built to handle even the most demanding workloads, and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding performance and efficiency.

One crucial advantage of DeepSquare is that you don’t need to worry about hardware optimization or configuration – we’ve taken care of that for you. As a developer, you can fully concentrate on creating your innovative solutions or services without any distractions. With DeepSquare, you can rest assured that our team of experts has already fine-tuned our hardware to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. This means that you can hit the ground running and focus on what really matters – creating the best possible solution for your customers.

Text2Image app serves as a showcase of the impressive capabilities of the DeepSquare platform. We’re excited to see what new applications our community and developers will create using our powerful tools and infrastructure. We believe that collaboration and innovation are key to driving progress and improving lives. That’s why we’re committed to providing best-in-class resources and support to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re working on cutting-edge research, developing new products or services, or tackling complex problems, we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’re proud to be part of a community that’s dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating positive change. Together, we can unleash the full potential of AI and machine learning and make a real difference in the world.

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