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The Foundation Pillars of DeepSquare

DeepSquare Grid

DeepSquare Grid

The network of HPC clusters forming the pool of compute required to process users’ workloads. The DeepSquare Grid is composed of clusters from various providers.

DeepSquare ClusterFactory

DeepSquare ClusterFactory

The open-source Kubernetes-based infrastructure orchestrator that automates the process of deploying, managing and monitoring compute-optimized clusters from bare metal servers to VMs and containers.

DeepSquare Community

DeepSquare Community

The builders, developers, AI engineers, artists, blockchain enthusiasts, disruptors, innovators and visionaries. Join us in our mission to democratize access to HPC!


The decentralized platform that step up your workflow.

Fully featured, safe and simplified.

DeepSquare uses YAML for defining a job's workflow.

DeepSquare is able to compile and validate the YAML workflow into a sophisticated script compatible with job schedulers. This approach facilitates the creation of intricate Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) and workflows in a straightforward and comprehensible manner, ensuring not only simplicity and clarity but also promoting repeatability and safety within a consistent framework.

Moreover, with the YAML language server, users can benefit from the auto-completion for a better IDE experience.

Compiled Job
Before with SLURM
After with DeepSquare

Get your fair share of compute.

DeepSquare deploys its Meta-Scheduler on the Blockchain for transparency, and employs scheduling algorithms that consider in various factors to optimize compute allocation for equitable distribution and fairness.


Mix HPC techniques with the stability of containers.

DeepSquare is able to run any OCI containers with seamless support parallization technologies (MPI, NCCL, ...), and hardware accelerators such as GPUs, Infiniband, and more.

Stable Diffusion

Compatible with interactive Workflows.

DeepSquare jobs have external network access, enabling users to execute interactive tasks without compromising infrastructure provider security, thanks to the implementation of a zero-trust infrastructure and strict firewall requirements.

Interative mode

Billed per use.

DeepSquare charges users based on the actual usage of compute resources down to the minute, and not periodically. This allows users to save on costs and only pay for what they use.

Price duration
Price computation

Sustainable Infrastructure

DeepSquare's sustainability strategy revolves around providing a readily deployable, eco-friendly configuration that minimizes the environmental footprint of compute resources. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and prioritizing renewable energy sources, DeepSquare aims to reduce electrical consumption while making high-performance processing accessible to small businesses, researchers, and academic institutions.

We advocate Immersion Cooling, a practice of placing electronic equipment into a thermally conductive, and electronically resistive liquid that is 1,200 times more efficient than air at capturing heat. The heat captured through immersion cooling can be exchanged in a simple, but efficient liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger. The heat then can directly be reused for heating purposes or industrial processes.

Immersion Cooling