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The first and only sustainable professional decentralized High Performance Computing Ecosystem.

Accelerate Your Projects and Scale on HPC with Ease and Trust


Easy to Use and Deploy

DeepSquare simplifies job submission by abstracting runtimes from specifications, presenting a user-friendly standard — encapsulated within a concise, straightforward YAML format instead of a busy shell script.

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Containers on HPC

DeepSquare provides comprehensive HPC and containerization functionalities, granting widespread accessibility to low-level optimization, parallelization, precise resource scheduling, and hardware accelerators within a decentralized infrastructure.

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Transparent, Fair, Accessible to everyone

Through its advanced scheduling system deployed on Blockchain, DeepSquare ensures transparent, fair and equitable access for all users, irrespective of their status or skills, guaranteeing that every demand is met on the decentralized infrastructure.

For AI, Rendering, Simulations...

DeepSquare supports a wide range of computing needs. From GPU-intensive applications to parallelized workflows, DeepSquare is perfect to speed up your projects. We provide examples that you can test and deploy in one click.

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Powered by

The DPS Token

DPS token

The DeepSquare ecosystem is powered by the DPS token on the Avalanche Network, which is used to reward infrastructure providers and consume compute resources on DeepSquare.

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The Swiss AI-as-a-Service champion.

The first development platform for data quality.

A platform for building and connecting AI applications.

Incubators & Accelerators

Venture Builder, specialized in healthtech industry based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Incubator for all software ideas related to data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

AI Education Center and Startup Incubator & Accelerator.

An investment fund focused exclusively on AI startups.

Technology Partners

Datacenters that make sense.

Organizations and Associations

EcoCloud is one and only academic center of its kind enabling eco-friendly smart data through resilient, efficient, secure and trustworthy data platforms.

The Hub France IA acts for an applied and sovereign AI at the service of operational projects

Crypto Valley Association the largest blockchain and distributed ledger ecosystem worldwide, based out Switzerland, with presence in entire Europe and beyond.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry.